Two Factor Authentication

  • What is a two factor authentication?

    It is a security feature where a customer will need to satisfy Two authentication criteria in order to login to a system.
  • Why do I need two factor authentications for online trading?

    With reference to SEBI circular CIR/MRD/DP/ 8 /2011 dated June 30, 2011 regarding internet based trading (IBT), Two-factor authentication for login session is required to be implemented for all orders originating using Internet Protocol In compliance with the new SEBI circular on increasing the security for your Equity trading account, we have introduced the Two factor authentication process. This will give another security layer to your trading account.
  • For whom this two factor authentication is applicable?

    This feature is applicable to all the online customers of IIFL.
  • What will be the Two factors authentication that IIFL will use?

    IIFL will ask you for your PAN card no. or Date of birth in addition to the login ID and password you enter, at time of logging in to your trading account.
  • Can I trade without additional level of authentication?

    No, for every login you need to have a password and either your Date of Birth details or PAN card.
  • How can I update my contact details?

    1. Go to ttweb.indiainfoline.com/TT exe
    2. Login with your User ID and password
    3. Click on ‘My Account’
    4. Click ‘Form Formats’
    5. Select the form of Change in Account details
    6. Fill the same and submit it to the nearest branch
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