Commodity Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

  • What is "Commodity Systematic Investment Plan" (Commodity SIP)?

    Commodity SIP is a new facility offered through indiainfoline.com using which you can place buy orders for a prespecified amount or for a prespecified quantity in scrips of your choice at regular intervals over a period of time as selected by you. For instance, you can select a Commodity SIP for a period of say 6 months to invest 1 lot of gold/silver every month/ other permitted frequency through commodity SIP.
    After you have provided the necessary details i.e the scrip, amount/ quantity to be invested, frequency of investment, total time period and authorized India Infoline Limited (IIFL) vide your commodity SIP request, IIFL will place your commodity SIP buy orders at market price.
  • Can all clients of India Infoline Limited avail Commodity SIP facility?

    Yes. All existing and new clients of India Infoline Limited who are registered with us for spot trading can avail the commodity SIP facility.
  • What is a Commodity SIP Request?

    A Commodity SIP Request is an online instruction placed by you on https://ttweb.indiainfoline.com/trade/ authorizing IIFL to place buy orders in your account as per the details specified by you.
  • Can I place Commodity SIP Request for Sell transactions?

    No. You can place SIP Requests for "buy" orders only under the Commodity SIP facility.
  • What is the difference between Commodity SIP request and Commodity SIP order?

    Commodity SIP request is an authorization given by you to IIFL for placing buy orders as per your instructions mentioned in the request.
    The orders placed by IIFL as per your authorization vide the SIP request are called Commodity SIP orders.
  • Do I need to allocate funds for placing a Commodity SIP Request?

    No. Commodity SIP Request is merely an authorization given to IIFL to place order in your account as per your instructions vide the SIP Request. Hence, funds are not required or used when you place Commodity SIP Requests.
    Your funds would however be required and used at the time of placing the SIP orders.
  • What is meant by "Frequency"? Please explain how does it work?

    Frequency means the time interval, after the start date, with which you wish SIP orders to be placed in your account. Depending on the frequency selected by you, IIFL will place SIP orders at the defined intervals after the start date for the total period specified by you. The First order will be placed on the start date specified by you and thereafter orders would be placed at the frequency for the total period as per your request.
    For example:,
    If you have placed a SIP request for buying 1 lot of Gold at a 'Monthly' frequency for a total period of 6 months with start date 10-04-2012, IIFL will place 6 orders for this SIP i.e. the first order being on the Start date and the other order in the next month after the start date on a monthly frequency. In this case the first SIP order for 1 lot gold is placed by IIFL on 10-04-2012, the next SIP order will be placed in the next month on 10-05-2012 and so on till the end date 10-09-2012.
  • Do I need to log in on every SIP date to place the Commodity SIP orders?

    No. Once you have placed your Commodity SIP requests, IIFL will place the Commodity SIP buy orders on your behalf. You need not login to your account to purchase the shares.
  • What is meant by Minimum and Maximum Period?

    'Minimum Period' is the period below which a Commodity SIP request cannot be placed i.e. You need to place a Commodity SIP request for a period equal to or greater than the minimum period. Currently minimum period is 6 months
    'Maximum' Period is the period beyond which a Commodity SIP request cannot be placed ie you need to place a Commodity SIP request for a period equal to or lesser than the maximum period. Currently maximum period is 120 months
    The Order placement page displays the Minimum period and the Maximum period at the time of placing the SIP request.
    IIFL may change the Minimum period or the Maximum period from time to time without giving any prior notice.
  • What are the types of Commodity SIP request I can choose on indiainfoline.com and how do I indicate my choice?

    You may select only Quantity based SIP request. You can indicate your choice by selecting the desired quantity "SIP Quantity" at the time of placing the Commodity SIP request.
  • What is "Quantity" based Commodity SIP?

    Quantity based Commodity SIP is a SIP type wherein a fixed quantity of security of your desired scrip is purchased at each frequency.
    In case of Quantity based SIP, the quantity would be as specified by you and would be fixed while placement of orders as per your desired frequency. The order value would be calculated based on the market price of the scrip prevailing in the market at the time of order placement.
  • How can I invest through Commodity SIP?

    To start investing through Commodity SIP there are 2 options

    1. Through TT Web : You will have to follow 5 easy steps as mentioned below:
    • Login to your TT web trading account on https://ttweb.indiainfoline.com/trade/
    • Enter Client ID » Password » Product Commodity » Submit
    • Click on the tab Market » Commodity SIP
    • Fill in the required details, accept the Terms & Conditions
    • Click on ‘Submit’
    2. Through TT exe : You will have to follow 5 easy steps as mentioned below:
    • Login to your TT exe. trading account.
    • Enter Client ID » Password » Submit
    • Click on the tab SIP » Orders » Commodity SIP
    • Fill in the required details, accept the Terms & Conditions
    • Click on Submit
  • What is "Commodity SIP Registration Book"? What are the details available on the Commodity SIP Request book?

    The "Commodity SIP Registration Book" on the site is a page which displays the details of the SIP requests placed by you under the Commodity SIP product. You can view the Commodity SIP Registration book by visiting Commodity SIP Registration Book link under the Holding page on the Commodity segment. This book will provide you the details like the SIP reference no., stock name, quantity or amount, frequency, total period, start date, next SIP date, end date etc.
  • What is "SIP Order book" link ? What are the details available on the 'SIP order book' link?

    The "SIP order book" link on the holding page under Commodity segment is a link which displays all your ongoing Commodity SIP requests . This link will provide you with details of the SIP order executed like the date, SIP transaction no., stock name, SIP type, quantity or amount, status, SIP start date, SIP end date, next SIP date etc. You can view this report by clicking on the security name under SIP registration book.
  • Can I place Commodity SIP request in any scrip?

    Commodity SIP requests can be placed only in select scrips as approved by India Infoline. Currently you can do sip only in e-gold and e-silver.
    IIFL may include or exclude any scrips from the Stock list at any time without any prior intimation.
  • In which exchanges can I place Commodity SIP Requests?

    You can place Commodity SIP Requests only on NSEL.
  • Can I place Commodity SIP Request at any time during the day?

    Yes. You may place Commodity SIP Request at any time during the day and even post market hours.
  • Can I place Commodity SIP Request through CallNTrade?

    Currently this facility is not available.
  • How many Commodity SIP Requests can I place in a day? Is there a restriction on the number of scrips in which Commodity SIP can be placed by a client?

    You can place multiple Commodity SIP Requests in a day for different scrips or for the same scrip irrespective of whether the SIP requests are Amount based or Quantity based.
  • When would IIFL place my Commodity SIP orders ?

    When placing a Commodity SIP request, you are required to select a "start date" from when Commodity SIP order placement will commence. IIFL will place the order from the start date selected by you as per your request. The start date should be atleast T+2 from the date of placing the Commodity SIP request in case of ledger and T+30 in case of SIP through Bank
    Thereafter, the orders would be placed on the basis of the frequency and the total period chosen by you in your Commodity SIP Request.
    The orders would be placed on these dates provided they are trading days. In case the frequency dates fall on Trading holidays, then the orders would be placed by IIFL on the subsequent trading day. In case of SIP with daily frequency, orders would be placed by IIFL only on trading days. During a SIP order placement date, the time of order placement would be at the discretion of IIFL and would be displayed on the site for your reference.
  • Is there a possibility that my entire SIP order may not be executed at the exchange?

    Yes. IIFL is merely your agent for placing orders as per the instructions given by you under the facility. IIFL does not have any role to play in the execution of trades after the orders have been placed. Trade execution takes place at the exchange platform as per the order matching rules of the exchange. Thus there is a possibility that orders may be executed only partially or may not be executed at all; as is the case with normal cash transactions also.
  • At what price will my Commodity SIP orders be placed and where can I see details of the same?

    You can view the details of all successfully placed SIP orders in your account in the normal Commodity SIP order book.
  • I have forgotten to allocate enough funds for my Commodity SIP orders. Is my order liable to be rejected?

    No. It is advisable that you allocate funds under the Commodity segment in your trading account towards your commodity SIP orders from your linked bank account. In case you have not allocated the required amount, IIFL will place the order only after checking that sufficient clear funds are available in our commodity account . In case the clear funds in your linked commodity account are also insufficient to place your commodity SIP order, the entire commodity SIP order would fail.
    Please note that commodity SIP order will not be placed for partial quantity. In case sufficient balance is not available in your account, your entire order will fail.
  • Where can I view the SIP order placement date for my SIP requests?

    You can view your order placement date in the Commodity SIP Registration book under the column 'Holding'.
  • Can I cancel a SIP request?

    Yes. You can cancel an On-going SIP request at any time before IIFL has initiated order placement on the order placement date .
    Currently You can cancel your SIP request by putting an e-mail on commsip@indiainfoline.com along with SIP registration details. But soon you can cancel your SIP request by visiting the Commodity SIP registration book under the Commodity holding page of your online trading account.
    Once you cancel a SIP Request, all future orders to be placed against such SIP Request no. would stand cancelled.
  • Is the brokerage rate different for Cash and Commodity SIP transactions?

    No, there is no change in the brokerage rates for Commodity SIP transactions. Brokerage rates and applicable charges applicable for Commodity SIP transactions would be the same as your cash transactions. But Rs. 10 per installment will be charged over and above normal brokerage for executing the SIP Transaction.
  • How will my Commodity SIP transactions be settled ?

    Settlement of Commodity SIP transactions would be done in the same manner as cash transactions.
  • Can I sell my scrips which I have bought through Commodity SIP ?

    Yes. Scrips bought in your demat account through Commodity SIP are at par with the ones bought by you in the cash segment. You can therefore sell/ otherwise deal in such scrips at anytime as per your requirement.
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