Order Slicing

  • What Is Order Slicing?

    Order Slicing is a method ,which will divide your Bulk Order into multiple Orders.

  • Can I place Slice Order in all segments(i.e Cash, future,Currency)?

    No ,Currently you can place Order in Cash(NSE & BSE) and Futures(NSE) only.

  • How Order Slicing works ,please explain with example?

    You can refer below example to have better understanding of Order slicing:

    In 'BANKNIFTY' Single order quantity restriction from exchange is 2480. If you place order for 5000 quantity then system will slice your orders in 3 order as below:

    • 1st Order of 2480 quantity
    • 2nd Order of 2480 quantity
    • 3rd Order of 40 quantity

    Also Customer can Slice/divide Orders in multiple of lots. The By lots check box will be enabled post entering Order quantity. In this case Order quantity should be greater than Quantity specified by exchange.Please find below example for this.

    Single order qty restriction from exchange is 2500 in 'BANKNIFTY' If you place order for 5000 qty then user can select order slicing from 10 lots and upto 50 lots for the order. Here user can slice the order in 10 lots (400 qty) and further.

  • Can I modify Sliced/divided Order?

    Yes you can modify each single sliced/divided Order up to single order maximum quantity if sufficient margin is available.

  • Can I cancel Sliced Order?

    Yes you can cancel each single sliced/divided Order anytime during the day if it is pending.

  • Is there any margin changes for Order slicing?

    No, there are no margin changes for Order Slicing, existing margin will be continue.

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