Demat Service Features
Particulars BSDA Account Regular (Non BSDA) Account
Transaction Statements* Quarterly only in case of transaction during the quarter Monthly irrespective of transaction during the month
Holding Statement* Yearly
Delivery Instruction Slips Atleast 2 DIS Booklet
Limitation on the value of holding Rs.200000/- Not Applicable
Maintain more than one demat account Not Allowed Allowed
Account Maintenance Charges (AMC)
Value of Holding in Demat Account Annual AMC Charges
No Value – Upto 50000 NIL
50001 to 200,000 Rs 100
Yearly Rs.400/-
*Additional Physical statement is charged at Rs 25 in BSDA facility. All other charges shall be payable as agreed under the tariff sheet.

Terms and Conditions:-

  1. Please read and understand the Securities and Exchange Board of India’s guidelines for facility for a BSDA.
  2. The client declare that he is eligible to open a demat account as a BSDA holder and undertake to comply with the requirements specified by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) or any such authority for such facility from time to time.
  3. The client declare and confirm that he do not/will not have any other demat account where he is first holder/ sole holder across all depositories.
  4. The client understand that in case at any point of time do not meet the eligibility as a BSDA holder, his account is liable to be converted to normal regular (non BSDA) account. Accordingly IIFL would levy charges as applicable for regular (non BSDA) account on pro-rata basis.
  5. The client understand and aware that the eligibility of an account being a BSDA would be assessed at the end of the current AMC billing cycle viz. yearly w.e.f. April 1, 2016. Accordingly, all requests received during the year to convert normal demat account (non BSDA) to BSDA account would be assessed at the end of the prevailing AMC billing cycle for its eligibility for BSDA.
  6. The client confirm and understand in case of opting for regular (non BSDA) account facility even if eligible to maintain demat account as BSDA, would like to avail for normal services as applicable and would like to continue the same until opted otherwise by a written communication to IIFL.
  7. Goods and Services Tax and other statutory charges separately applicable as per prevailing rate.