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Presenting TradeWiz, a stock intelligence system aimed to serve retail investors dealing in financial instruments. We are not another Stock-Alert system which exposes users to open-ended outputs, which are subject to individual interpretations.

This system crunches data of all stocks listed across exchanges and gives you a simple call to action signals like Buy, Hold, Sell and StayOut for Delivery and Long, Short and Square off for Day trades.

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Compass - Find trend of any stock.
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Find trend of any stock
Traget & Time Frame with suggestions
Up and Down trends list
Stock Specific Market News
E-mail & SMS on your stocks
Add up to 50 stocks to Trends Watch List
Pointer - Stay invested in max of 10 stocks.
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Stock Picks with target & support levels
Add up to 50 stocks to Watchlist
E-mail alert on your Watchlist @ 2:30 pm
SMS & Email Alerts on new Buy calls
Sell alerts via SMS on your Watchlist
Blaze - Intraday stock picks.
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Intraday stock picks
Stocks segregated as High/Low Volume
Sms alerts on Intraday Stocks Picks
List of all calls generated*


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"I've been using this service since its inception and found it to be very helpful. I can say with confidence that, my profits are more than my losses with this site."Angelo Prem
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