Loyalty Points

  • How are my points calculated?

    Your points are calculated on multiple factors like value, frequency, mode/channel of trading etc. It also depends on the assets maintained with us, usage of various IIFL products like Financial Planning, IPO, Loans, etc
  • When and How will I be able to redeem the points?

    We will soon be updating you on the points redemption process and options.
  • How frequently are the points calculated?

    The points will be updated every month to reflect your activity.
  • How can I redeem the points?

    You will be able to redeem the points on a variety of products and services across various categories. You will have access to a catalogue/list with multiple options from where you can choose your desired product/service.
  • Where can customer check the loyalty points?

    The points can be seen once you login to the TT (through TTWeb for now).
  • What will happen to the points if customer closes the account?

    The Customers will need to redeem his accrued points before closure of the Account, else the points will lapse.
  • By what percentage/ratio the points will be deducted if there is negative networth?

    There will not be any deduction in points - just that a negative net worth will not earn any further points for the customer.
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